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Tsugi 235 x Astropolis #18 : Max Cooper (Part 1) (2012.05.16) DOWNLOAD


  1. ???
  2. Max Cooper - Enveloped
  3. Max Cooper - Autumn Haze Buy at Amazon
  4. Nick Warren - In Search Of Silver (Martin Buttrich Remix) Buy at Amazon
  5. Sebo K - Mr. Duke (Original Mix) Buy at Amazon
  6. Max Cooper - River Of Gold Buy at Amazon
  7. Minilogue - The Leopard (Extrawelt Remix) Buy at Amazon
  8. Pig & Dan - Tears Of A Clown (Max Cooper's Expanded Remix) Buy at Amazon
  9. Andrea Bigi, Marius Laurentiu - Don't Worry Just Dance
  10. ???
  11. Wally Lopez & Ismael Rivas aka Riva - Is Deeper (Marshall Remix) Buy at Amazon
  12. Max Cooper - Stochastisch Serie Buy at Amazon
  13. Hot Chip - I Feel Better (Max Cooper Remix) Buy at Amazon
  14. Marc Romboy vs Stephan Bodzin - Luna (Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) Buy at Amazon
  15. Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix) Buy at Amazon
  16. ???
  17. John Tejada - The End Of It All Buy at Amazon
  18. Max Cooper - Inhale Exhale
  19. Ricardo Tobar - Mi Pieza Esta Llena De Cosas (Max Cooper Remix) Buy at Amazon
  • Luis Cunha

    Many thanks to Max for his music, feeling etc….
    Proud to guest him for this set at our event

  • J

    Never less than awesome !!!!! minute 11 is MassSSssive!

  • J

    OMG!!!! minute 23 minilogue’s track ! my favorite !

  • Sammy D

    This is just ridiculesly amazing, cant go wrong listening to your music man.

  • Bamblesquatch

    The effects quickly get irritating, but usual great track selection nonetheless.