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luv112: A Gringo Like Ennio (2012.02.12) DOWNLOAD
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  1. Ennio Morricone - Titoli (from A Fistful of Dollars)
  2. Ennio Morricone - Ride Into Freedom (from Death Rides A Horse)
  3. Ennio Morricone ft. Peter Tevis - A Gringo Like Me (from Gunfight at Red Sands)
  4. Ennio Morricone - Ansia Dell'Oro (from Un Genie, deux associes, une cloche )
  5. Ennio Morricone - Passaggi Nel Tempo (from Il Grande Silenzio)
  6. Leo Nichols (a.k.a. Ennio Morricone) - Navajo Joe (Main Title) (from Navajo Joe)
  7. Ennio Morricone - March of the Beggars (from Duck, You Sucker)
  8. Ennio Morricone - La Pantomime…Au Lit (from Je m'appelle Malabar)
  9. Ennio Morricone - Sonny (from Sonny & Jed)
  10. Ennio Morricone - Once Upon A Time In The West (from Once Upon A Time In The West)
  11. Leo Nichols (a.k.a. Ennio Morricone) - The Demise of Barbara, and the Return of Joe (from Navajo Joe)
  12. Ennio Morricone - Fais Pas L'Indien (from Je m'appelle Malabar)
  13. Ennio Morricone - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Main Title) (from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)
  14. Ennio Morricone - Let's Go And Kill, Comrades (from Let's Go And Kill, Comrades)
  15. Ennio Morricone - My Name Is Nobody (from My Name Is Nobody)
  16. Ennio Morricone - Il Grande Silenzio (from Il Grande Silenzio)
  17. Ennio Morricone - Duck, You Sucker (Main Title) (from Duck, You Sucker)
  18. Ennio Morricone ft. Maurizio Graf - Angel Face (from A Pistol For Ringo)
  19. Ennio Morricone - The Ecstasy Of Gold (from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)
  20. Ennio Morricone - If You Are Somebody, It's My Fault (from My Name Is Nobody)
  21. Ennio Morricone - For A Few Dollars More (from For A Few Dollars More)
  22. Ennio Morricone - The Big Gundown (Main Title)(from The Big Gundown)
  • http:/ jzf

    wonderful… ennio!!!!!

  • Flo

    Really great mix!