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Gomma Podcast #77: The Deadstock 33s Fabric Podcast (2012.07.31) DOWNLOAD


  1. Kasper Björke - Bohemian Soul
  2. People Get Real - Tamba Dance
  3. People Get Real - San Dimas (Monoblok And Pslktr Mix)
  4. Jimmy Edgar – Heartkey
  5. Eddie Mercury - In Mexico (La Royale Mix)
  6. Michael Mayer – Speaker
  7. The Deadstock 33S - Live With Me
  8. Walls - Into Our Midst (Capracara Mix)
  9. Break 3000 - The Lights
  10. The Carry Nation - This Bitch Is Alive
  11. Clap Rules - Happyhanomony (The Deadstock 33S Mix)
  12. Daniel Avery And The Deadstock 33'S - Eric Zann Revisited (The Filthy Dukes Mix)
  13. High Powered Boys - The Machine
  14. The Deadstock 33S - Stranger (The Eskimo Twins Mix)
  15. Timothy J Fairplay - Curb Your Dog
  16. Aladdin - Mass Confusion (Botox Instrumental)
  17. Raiders Of The Lost Arp - Lunar Lander
  18. Paul Weller - When Your Gardens Overgrown (The Deadstock 33S Drone Dub)
  • Nathan Stevenson

    Gomma podcasts are always interesting, funky and smooth. This Deadstock 33s is great – from the supervibey and dark ‘Bohemian Soul” all the way through classic tweaky, space rocket, atari-style Tech and deep tech.. all the way through to the great Drone Dub remix of Paul Well’s When Your Gardens Overgrown.
    Thanks for keeping it fresh Gomma and great stuff Deadstock 33S!