• EBW007 Lorenzo Calvio
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EBW007 Lorenzo Calvio (2012.06.18) DOWNLOAD
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  1. Cabeiri - Creating Destiny
  2. Tom Ellis feat. Lizzy B - Accidental Daydream
  3. Noir feat. Richard Davis - Found Out (Tiefschwarz Remix)
  4. Audiofly - I'll Tell Ya Vs. Big Bully
  5. Huxley - Let It Go
  6. Audiofly feat. Robert Owens - Love Is A Drug
  7. Tennis - Make It Good (Larry Heard Vocal Dub)
  8. Jullian Gomes feat. Bobby - Love Song 28
  9. Kruse & Nürnberg feat. Nathalie Claude - Silk City (Fred Everything's Lazy Vox Mix)
  10. Fur Coat feat. Cari Golden - You And I
  11. Luomo - Spy (Penner+Muder Remix)


Hi Lorenzo Calvio great to have you here on EBW. 
Shall we start with a small introduction of your background in DJing?

As long as I could remember, I've found music to be the strongest means for me to express my emotions. This resonates today, where I use DJing as the vehicle to share emotionally charged music with fellow music lovers. I began DJing in 2004, as Resident DJ of Kitsch Bar in my hometown of Milan, Italy. The energy from the bar, and especially its design-minded crowd, is the main source of my DJing inspiration. On the club scene, I've spun mostly at venues in and around Milan with past gigs in Ibiza as well. While I've lately been busy spending most of my days on production, I'm definitely looking forward to booking more gigs throughout Europe this summer and fall.

Please describe how and where this current mix was recorded?
This mix was recorded live at Kitsch Bar using the usual "weapons of choice"… Pioneer CDJ 2000s + the Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus mixer.

So what's the idea/inspiration behind the mix?
This mix blends deep, soulful, and tech house tracks and the selection/arrangement aims to induce, what I call, "collective emotion".  The collective emotion that I try to create through my mixes is slightly different each time, and sometimes I'm surprised by the emotions that I personally feel when I'm "in the mix". Like most DJs and producers, I get an amazing high from emotionally charged music. I guess you can say it's my addiction!

What new ideas or plans do you have going forward?
Most importantly, to continue to focus on production of high quality, emotionally charged music. I'm at an inflection point where I've begun to tap into new sources of inspiration that influence the development of my sound. I would like to test the range of my production capabilities by focusing more on vocal tracks, quirky melodies, deep riffs, and rare samples. In this respect, I'm impressed by recent releases from other Milanese producers, most notably artists on Life and Death ; however, I'm not trying to follow particular trends, but I want to commit to creating sounds that can be listened to and enjoyed both inside and outside of the club (equally). A great deal of my satisfaction as an artist comes from high quality EDM production, and I'm working hard on this front (info on future releases : Soundcloud).

I also plan to continue hosting guest mix sessions that bring great DJs from both renowned and emerging labels to Milan through my Soundset Boulevard project. The kick-off session featured a hot set by Sasse of Moodmusic Records, which was especially fitting given my strong focus on connecting music with emotion.

If tomorrow you are lost on a deserted island, what will be the 3 songs you will bring with you?
This is a tough one. I'm always digging and finding great music everyday (new cuts, reworks, and older gems). But, if I somehow found myself "lost" TOMORROW! … The three tracks that would be along for the adventure are…

Love Birds feat. Stee Downes - Want You In My Soul

Audiofly feat. Fiora Cutler - 6 Degrees (Tale Of Us Remix)

Trentemøller feat. Ane Trolle - Moan (Radio Slave Remix)

Lorenzo Calvio on internet:
Official: lorenzocalvio.bandpage.com
Facebook: lorenzo calvio aka audio instinct
Soundcloud: lorenzocalvio
Twitter: #!/lorenzocalvio

  • Igna

    Fucking good!! Very good job man!

  • Fabian C.

    Since I’ve started to listened to this guy I’ve tried to follow as much of his stuff as I can. I had the opportunity to follow him almost everywhere because I am living in Milan actually and it’s also his hometown. I will never forget Lorenzo Calvio playing with Sasse, it was the best dancing nights I’ve ever had.
    He surprises me a lot constantly, because of his tecnique but essentially for his passion that you can feel when his playing( When he play his body is totally controlled by his music), he can always meet my tastes and he has an amazing in the track selection, everything is so emotional.
    I wish the best for Lorenzo because he can really give us a lot, enjoy his dj set, but trust me follow him and you will never leave him!