• EBW006 sweet daddy luv ‘The Rhythm of Vision is a Dancer’
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EBW006 sweet daddy luv ‘The Rhythm of Vision is a Dancer’ (2012.02.06) DOWNLOAD
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  1. Walton - 808 Vybzin
  2. Joakim - Cotton Gun
  3. Mr. James Barth - Hold Still
  4. Motorbass - Genius
  5. Pantytec - Muffler
  6. Scuba - Never
  7. Matthew Herbert - 5 Days
  8. Robert Hood - Rumors Of My Doom
  9. Radiohead - Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene Remix)
  10. Vincent Markowski - The Number Arkiv
  11. Recloose - Land Of The Lost Dance
  12. Robbie Hardkiss - Everything Is Changing (Boozy & Swan Stripped Mix)
  13. Robotic Movement - We're Gonna Make You Happy!
  14. Freeform Five - Break Me (Jackson's Remix)
  15. Bright Lights - Terry's Flask Of Doom
  16. Gemini - Rapid Eye Movement
  17. Al Tourettes & Appleblim - Mr. Swishy
  18. Midnight Drive - Remember Me? (Freaks Turning Yellow Dub)
  19. Jackson - La Vision Dance


luv is a dj, and these days is also known as sweet daddy luv. A fixture on the Montreal scene since the early nineties, he has made a name for himself as a slinger of an eclectic mix of musical styles reflecting the best of the old school and the cutting edge of the new school. The sweet daddy has numerous club residencies and one off DJ gigs under his belt and has played with the best; proving himself a doppelganger of musical forms with the ability and deep record collection to mix any style necessary to rock and shock the party. His most recent speakerbox endeavors include the THUMP night (with Mark Vicente and The One Tash, where "house is a feeling") and the Jazz Amnesty Sound System (with co-founder Andy Williams).

Hi sweet daddy luv great to have you here on EBW.
Please describe how and where this current mix was recorded?

This mix was recorded deep within the Record Canyon (secretly hidden below the streets of Montreal) with 3 Technics 1200 turntables and a Pioneer DJM-800 mixer.

So what's the idea/inspiration behind the mix?
The inspiration behind this mix is the further exploration of, what I like to call, 'abstract house music'. A heavily mixed, three turntable blend of deep, tripped out, groovy dance music. This is what I play at the THUMP nights.

What new ideas or plans do you have going forward?
I am keeping the promise I made to produce new and unique weekly mixes for www.djluvsrecords.com until the Record Canyon runs dry (which ain't happening anytime soon).

I am also planning a bunch of tours and one off shows for 2012 with the Jazz Amnesty Sound System, the all jazz dj outfit I am working on with local dj badman Andy Williams.

What's your best & worst gig experiences? Why?
Lots of great gigs, but one that stands out for me is opening up for Massive Attack in front of a sold out crowd during the last shows of their greatest hits package tour. With Blue Lines being such a huge record for me I knew what the crowd wanted to hear and dished it out proper. When my set finished the crowd response was so heavy that the band came up from backstage to see what was going on. Also got to meet Horace Andy and fell in love with my current mixer (first time I used the DJM-800).

Lots of shite gigs, but one that stands out is djing a video gamer's new technologies convention. It was a fairly large space, in the front were little showcase booths for all the new games and technologies that were coming out. I was in the back in a room, fit for about 500 people, playing on a huge system to no one (the attendees were too entranced with the new toys and weren't really the dancing type). At one point a lone bespectacled gentleman did the long walk across the dancefloor to ask me to turn it down. Luckily I have grown a thick dj skin and in situations like that I just enjoy listening to my music loud and have fun mixing it up.

Regarding the Montreal scene, which are the artists there that have recently caught your attention?
Montreal has always been a hotbed of music and culture, always something interesting happening somewhere in the city. Newer artists I have been enjoying are Bowly, Jacques Greene, Skinnybones, Leboeuf et Laviolette and the Boomclap Soundsystem. Of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention I am also very much into some of the old skoolers like Kid Koala, Poirier, Moonstarr and Akufen.

If tomorrow you are lost on a deserted island, what will be the 3 songs you will bring with you?
You are talking to a man with 15,000 records, I don't think 3 songs is gonna cut it. Kill me now.

sweet daddy luv on internet
www: dj luv's records
www: Jazz Amnesty Sound System
Twitter : @djluvsrecords
Facebook: sweetdaddyluv